Quotes from the Cactus (12-piece set)

Quotes from the Cactus (12-piece set)

Artist: Kelvin Seah
Synopsis: Inspirational Watercolour Art

These illustration were inspired by cactus and during one of my lowest day of my life. I believe the best is yet to be and God just inspired me through His creation. I found strength and purpose as I listen and drew these out. Day by day, I got more inspired as I looked at the drawings. i began to see that many parallels can be drawn from the the cactus.

Cactus been in a desert, isolated from the world. We too, had our isolation during the Circuit Breaker while other countries experienced similar lockdowns and some are still in the midst of it. 

Despite these unfortunate circumstances, these cactus continued to bloom in their dry and isolated world. We are also called to bloom no matter the situation so that the world may see hope through us. Unlike a thermometer that is influenced by its surroundings, we are like a thermostat that influences our surroundings and the world around us.

I believe cactus was created for a time like this to inspire and bring hope to you, your family and friends.

A set comes with a pack of 12 prints, and unique encouragement messages with each design.