Let Hope Arise!

Let Hope Arise!


Title: "Let Hope Arise!"

Media: Acrylic

Size: 30cm x 30cm

Year: 2018


Synopsis: I have an unexplainable love for sunrises and sunsets. I enjoy painting them again and again differently. This piece is done by finger, no brushes, just by hand. Perhaps sunsets and sunrises signify that troubles will past, and new hope arises in the morning, just take one day at a time. Let Hope Arise! Like how the Son 🌞 rose again. 


Every splash of paint, every drop of colour, every day, every night, what unbridled joy to just watch the Creator put the colours in the sky. He hangs the stars in the night, and hides them at day. He blew the sun into being, and spoke a word and night turns into light. He takes care of the lilies, the grass and the sparrow, why would He not take care of you?


PS. This Presence Painting was created during one of the workshops at X2 conference by 3:16, a conference for Creatives and Dreamers.


It was fun to think back how my life was orchestrated day by day, by the hands of the Creator. The season when I need hope the most, and now, I am now back at the very place I painted this painting. Do you need hope today? I pray you will know the Person of Hope as you come into the presence this painting carries.


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