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Springtime Has Come

Springtime Has Come


Title: "Springtime Has Come"

Media: Mixed Medium

Size: 21cm x 27.9cm

Year: 2014


Synopsis: What was watered with tears, blooms with joy. Tears may come for a night, but joy will come in the morning. Crowned with peace, a sprig that heralds Spring.


This piece was one of my first paintings when I first started my art journey in 2014. At that time, I had emerged from a tough season, yet I see my life transformed when I I was told that I am creative and I have the ability to paint whatever I wanted. I believed. And she is the fruit of my faith.


May this painting accompany you through life's wilderness seasons, when you are in that dark tunnel, down in that valley, and remind you constantly that there will always be hope for spring.


PS. This is just one of the pieces that holds the "energy" or what I call Presence. Thus the name Presence painting. I pray the story of this piece will shift the atmosphere in your home and welcome the Prince of Peace into your room.


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