Our Story

Heart on my Shirt hopes to be the light in the darkness. Buying a piece of Heart on my Shirt jewelry sows a seed into the establishment of our Vision. Just like how five loaves and two fishes could feed 5000, we want to ignite that same power through the establishment of our humble jewelry business.


About the Artist

Katherine has been making jewellery since 2005. It started as a hobby, self-taught by drawing inspiration from books. Progressively, she started experimenting with new techniques and knickknacks dismantled from old jewelry which were her mum's and aunts'.  She documents the process of crafting for every piece of jewelry and art on her website. 

Our Vision

Heart On My Shirt is a faith seed conceived with the vision to bless the nations. At the start of 2014, after much thought, she decided to launch the jewelry line after much encouragement from family and friends. Make no mistake, Heart On My Shirt is a business, but in the near future, she hopes to help the underprivileged by teaching them crafts and organising entrepreneurial collaborations to market the work of their hands.