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Our Story

Katherine Oh is an artist that enjoys facilitating conversations about the Creator through her works. She enjoys storytelling through her writing, jewelry, paintings and anything creative. She was a food and wine magazine writer for a large part of her career before she travelled all over Asia for humanitarian work with underprivileged communities. She believes that creativity, love and kindness can change the world.


She also believes in upcycling and repurposing materials to give them a new lease of life. Her art is a marriage of her love for nature and true spirituality. 


Her creative endeavours have brought her to showcase her works at creator markets, shopping malls and art exhibitions. She also has taught creativity to adults and children at various conferences and coaching seminars, as well as shared her creative wisdom at overseas art and music festivals. 


More recently, she was also invited to collaborate with luxury French brand Guerlain and showcased her jewelry at the National Gallery Store.


She is also now working on her new book. 


About Heart on My Shirt

Heart on My Shirt (HOMS) was started in 2014 as a platform to share the amazing works by artisans who share the same heartbeat - to reveal the heart of the Father.

For Katherine, the founder of HOMS, she has been creating since 2005. Her passion was making jewelry, self-taught by drawing inspiration from books and experimenting with new techniques. In 2014, she started painting and has been invited to do commission pieces and also showcase her work at art exhibitions and conferences. 


Katherine believes that when we celebrate others, our world becomes more colourful!


HOMS houses works not just by Katherine, but other artists too. You can find their works on Art On A Card - postcard size art that tells a story. She hopes to be able to encourage and inspire more closet artists to showcase their works, and find their true identity.

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