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Jewelry Care

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

How to keep jewelry in good condition...

Storaging: The most optimal way is to seal them in airtight ziplock bags, away from dust, direct sunlight and moisture (especially in Singapore's humid weather). Alternatively, store them in jewelry boxes works too.

Wearing: We all love our perfumes and moisturizers, it is best to apply them at least ten minutes before wearing any jewelry pieces. Don't wear them to the swimming pool. Remove rings before washing your hands. And do keep away from detergents and soap.

Cleaning: After wearing use a lightly damp cloth to wipe away any traces of perspiration and then a dry cloth to pat away lingering traces of moisture before storing them away. You can also use polish cloth and metal brightening cream to polish them back into its original lustre.

Our Materials...

We use the best materials, vintage brooches, buttons and beads galore we can find sourced from all over the world. Each design's work process and materials are also documented by the artist on the description page, so you can find more information there.

Wire: We use the best tarnish-resistant brass wire we can find from the USA, meaning it is gold colour through and through. This is what I love about this wire because it is so hardy. Instead, the gold colour stays and with occasional polishing with metal brightening cream brings it back to its original gold lustre.

Cuff Bangles: We use a non-rust and non-tarnish rhodium material that is safe on sensitive skin.

Chains: We use 14k gold plated chains and light aluminium chains from Japan. Both are good on sensitive skin.

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