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What is Prophetic Art?

What is prophetic art? The following is an extracted interview with Katherine Oh from "Prophetic Art: 3 artists discuss what it means to deliver a message from the Father" published on 11 March 2020 in THIR:ST

What is prophetic art and what makes it different from non-prophetic art?

Katherine: While many people have different definitions, mine is simply: “Prophetic art is art that communicates the heart of the Father.”

I think art itself is prophetic. When I say prophetic, it means that it communicates something that connects hearts. To know what differentiates God-inspired art from something that is not God-inspired, you can consider whether that piece of art communicates the heart of the Father.

Does it bring goodness, encouragement and edification?  

What was your first experience with prophetic art like?

Katherine: When I stepped into my identity as a daughter of God, I wanted to co-create with my Father and worship Him through art.

So I drew, painted and shared my work on Facebook. People commented that they were touched by my picture and asked me what the message behind it was.

I told them what I was thinking about while creating the artwork. They said it spoke to them and their struggles, and they thanked me for sharing it.

So it started out really small. I wasn’t even thinking about it being a platform. I never thought that one day I would use my art as a tool for evangelism. It started out as just simply enjoying that process of creating with God. 

Can you share a time when God used your gift to speak to someone or a particular situation?

Katherine: We once received an assignment to create cards for a pre-believing family as a birthday gift.

The recipient broke into tears after receiving the art piece and reading the message behind it. I can’t remember what I wrote, but I was told it spoke directly to her family situation.

The family was initially very resistant to the gospel, but after this incident, they became much more open. They also attended a friend’s baptism the next day, though they initially turned down the invitation.

The whole family then came to know Christ after two days. They cleared out their idols at home, and framed up the two prophetic art pieces and put them in place of where the idols were. They said the art pieces would now be a reminder for them of God’s love. 

Can only certain people with specific gifts or a special connection with God become prophetic artists?

Katherine: Anyone can create a piece of prophetic art that speaks the Father’s heart. It’s not only certain people with specific gifts and talents, or a special connection with God.

I believe that someone who can draw a stickman can also be used to minister.

But in my opinion, not everyone can immediately be called a prophetic artist because I feel that the journey is extremely important.

What is the process of creating prophetic art like? 

Katherine: Sometimes it’s organic and sometimes I have an image in my head before I begin – I just give God the space to move.

I usually start by asking God: “God, I want to create with You today, what should I draw?”

But it’s not like I hear God audibly telling me to choose the colour blue. It’s more of resting and knowing that when I’m creating, He’s there with me and that I’m secure and safe.

You need to have that security in your identity in God, and allow the process to minister to you first. So I start in that safe space to work within myself and draw close into an intimate relationship with God. 

Any advice for youths who are interested to create prophetic art? 

Katherine: Your relationship with God is number one. The Holy Spirit is the one who will guide you, and we should always understand the character of God.

If the art isn’t communicating the heart of the Father then we need to make adjustments to it. We always go back to the heart.

The heart of the person who is communicating and ministering through prophetic art (or other vehicles) needs to be healthy. We need to know our identity in Christ.

Because in the area of prophecy, if you can’t hear for yourself – how can you hear for other people? 

We don’t have to be on a platform right away and start ministering immediately. It’s okay to start by practising with a close circle of friends, asking them if certain art pieces meant anything to them.

If they say yes, then praise the Lord. But if they say no, then we need to be able to admit that maybe we heard it wrongly.

It’s a journey and process – we need to practise learning how to hear from God. 

To read the full story you can click HERE.

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