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Parti-Sapphire 925 Silver Ring

Parti-Sapphire 925 Silver Ring


Gemstone: Parti-Sapphire

Origins: Sri Lanka

MOHs hardness: 9/10

Gemstone size: 6mm x 4mm

Ring size: Hidden Adjustable Band, from US4 to US10

Setting Material: 925 silver

Surrounding stone: Cubic Zirconia


What Gemstone is Parti-Sapphire?

Parti sapphires are otherwise known as bi-coloured or polychrome sapphires. These beautiful and rare gemstones have two or three variations of colour; with vibrant tones of blue, yellow and green.

Some will show two of the colours, while others will offer all three. This multi-coloured gemstone creates a kaleidoscopic effect that will have you mesmerised for years to come.


All sapphires and rubies are created from a mineral known as corundum. In Parti sapphires, the corundum reacts with the surrounding minerals (iron and titanium), making a stunning variety of iridescent colors that ensures each one is unique. No wonder these sapphires are so coveted! Its intricacy and complexity in colour, means it is entirely natural and impossible to replicate.


A Parti Sapphire is tough. It measures 9 on the the MOH scale (MOH measures hardness), making it second-in-line after diamonds.


Purchase notes: Comes in a velvet sleeve and silver polishing cloth

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