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Flit is a gorgeous piece inspired by the nature and the different birdies I saw in Edinburgh in spring. They flit here and there, and I can hear their sounds in the early throes of the morning, as early as 4am. That's the time the sun rise in spring. Besides Flit is just such a cute name for this little blue hummingbird suckling the nectar of a pretty tulip.

This beauty is created from bluebell colour glass beads, a flower brooch, a hummingbird brooch, a shiny labradorite crystal, freshwater pearls and more.

The chains are made in Japan tarnish-resistant aluminium chains, which are light weight and hypoallergenic. Great for sensitive skin. We also use tarnish resistant gold filled brass wire from USA. This is a one of a kind piece not to be missed.

Note: The colour is most true to the colour on the white tulip teacup. As the blue glass beads are transparent, it takes on the colour of the darker background.

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