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Shake It Off

Shake It Off

Title: "Shake It Off"
Media: Mixed Medium
Size: 20cm x 25.5cm
Year: 2020


Synopsis: Fingerpainted this as a vision for the year and after I am done, I wondered what it means. At that time, the word "healing" came to me but I couldn't seem to make sense of it. I found out soon after. While 2020 was a challenging year for many due to the pandemic, it was a powerful year for me. Many of our usual routines came to a halt, our plans were disrupted and we were confined mostly at home. But it was only when we came to a pause, a standstill and stop, then could we review our lives, is this how we truly want to live? And allow true healing to begin.


Like this painting, it was a period of shaking off what can be shaken off, things we do not need, people that are not good for you and find the things that we need, people that are good for you. Peace will be your guiding light, and bring you to where is right. Thus, it starts to make sense the 🌹 that rose from the midst of it, begin to bloom in all it's splendor, because it is now in the right environment, the right people, the right nutrition and forsaking all that is behind and press forward to the destiny and purpose she is created for.


PS. This is one of the pieces that holds the "energy" or what I call Presence. Thus the name Presence painting. I pray the story of this piece will shift the atmosphere in your home and guide you into the breakthrough you need as you "shake off" what you do not need. Allow Peace to show you what is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy. <3



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